How to get Course Admission's in Lockdown Period

Some Suggestion: How to get Admission's in Lockdown Period

1. Don't Waste Time Promote your Courses and Institution details online via digital platforms like: Social Media, Local online Classified ads, Youtube etc.

2. Make daily communication with your enrolled and pass-out student via SMS, Email or Whatsapp.

3. For new admission don't ask student for fees at the time of form submission, take their admission form and documents.

4. Allow the student to deposit fees after the end of the lockdown period.

5. Send daily sms or whatsapp to your old & pending admission leads (Enquiries).

6. Complete your pending documentation work.

7. You can use your free time to think and create that when the lock down opens, how can you and your team work better.

8.  Provide some discount on new admission fees and allow students to pay fees in installments. This is the best way to get more admissions during lockdown or after lockdown period.

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