Rural Urban Council of Skills & Vocational Studies Institute

RUCSVS, Delhi was established under the aegis of Rural Urban Skill & Development Educational Trust to conduct Early Childhood Care, Skills & Vocational based programmes Education & Training. RUCSVS all Vocational & Skill Training based diploma and certificate courses are running and approved under Rural Urban Skill Development & Educational Trust. RUCSVS (Non Govt. Voluntary Skill Provider Institution) is a Private Self Financed Institution, Established & Running Diploma & Certificate Courses under RUSDET (Trust) only for Jobs & Self Employment purpose. Diploma & Certificate courses under RUCSVS not related to any other Govt. Schemes or Councils Department. Diploma & Certificate provide by Rural Urban Council of Skills & Vocational Studies are not equivalent to any other Institutions Programs. We provide courses Vocational & Skill Based Diploma & Certificate only for Self Job & Employment Purpose not for Higher Education.

RUCSVS is not for profit organization under the aegis/Setup by Rural Urban Skill Development & Educational Trust-NCT of Delhi. The aim of the RUCSVS is to focus on establishing an effective and efficient ecosystem for developing and imparting skills in the Indian Industry & Working Sector, through relevant content & curriculum, courses, information database, delivery systems and standardization of the accreditation and certification process, to enhance the employability of the Indian workforce nationally and globally.

Over the last 2-3 years, the RUCSVS has grown exponentially making its presence felt across the Twenty Eight states and Nine Union territories, training and certifying many youth by helping and making them employable and self-employable, empowered with a certificate/diploma/ from the certifying body (RUCSVS) in Skill, Trade & Vocational Training, along with their respective Training Centers & Branches.

The Rural Urban Council of Skills & Vocational Studies is a non-profit Self Financed, Private Organisation. It is an Autonomous & Voluntary Organization working for the development of literacy and creating awareness among the masses about Skill, Vocational Education & Science & Technology and striving for their up-liftment in all spheres of the life through it.

RUCSVS aims to promote skill development by catalyzing creation of large, quality and for-profit vocational institutions. RUCSVS has been formed for the common purpose of talent development for the Skill Based Private Sector. RUCSVS is dedicated to meet the demand for skilled workforce in the skill based work industry in India. Ensure sector capacity building for availability of trained and skilled manpower across industry segments and organization levels. Rural Urban Council of Skills and Vocational Studies is not in receipt of any grant-in-aid either from the Government or from any other Council's Department.

Rural Urban Council of Skills & Vocational Studies is a not-for-profit organisation and set up by RUDSET (Regd. Under NCT of Delhi) & incorporated under section 8 of the Companies Act to coordinate all skill based development & vocational training efforts across the country. The basic purpose of establishing rural urban skill development and education trust is to provide them better life and make self-reliant by encouraging children in the absence of the children and women in the remote area and by encouraging women and girls with education and employment education. It will be our priority to educate and educate people by promoting technical education with Indian culture and culture. Because the technical education plays an important role in the human resource development of the country by generating efficient mass power, increasing industrial production and improving the quality of life of the people.

It will be our moral duty to honor the spirit of encouragement and excitement that will contribute to the field of education and technical education. It is our goal to develop education in the life of those who live in remote hilly areas and to provide technical education and provide them the means of livelihood to connect with the mainstream of the country's development. For this, short term camps will be conducted and certificate courses will be provided. Rural Urban Council of Skills & Vocational Studies is a self financed Autonomous Institution. We provide Skills & Vocational Courses Training & Certification for the only purpose of Candidate Self Job & Employment.

This is a small step to decide on your participation in Skillful India, but by making a meaningful effort with sincere and transparent thinking, we will continue to make every effort to make it a milestone. Under the scheme, courses of N.T.T., P.T.T., NPTT, Aanganwadi, early childhood education etc. will be run. Under the skill based curriculum, computer operations, DTP, tailoring, handicraft, small scale industries courses will be operated. Also, vocational course- Special attention will be given on health work, social work, community health work, art and crafts etc

Rural Urban Council of Skills & Vocational Studies will also take on roles of developing the private skill based and vocational education in India. This will be a holistic approach to uplift the overall quality for skill based education in private sector. With the Leveling up of the Private skills based education and training sector standards over the next few years, Rural Urban Council of Skills & Vocational Studies aims to work with Social Welfare/ Educational private organizations to promote the private skill based education and training in India.