ASP Scheme (Already Skilled Person)

There are many of skilled people in our country but without certificates and diplomas, they not able to do progress and develop.

The ASP (Already Skilled Person) scheme has been started by the Rural Urban Council of Skills and Vocational Studies, to take such skilled people forward and to raise their level in the society.

Under this scheme, people who are already accomplished and trained in any skill but do not have a work related certificate, they are given certification through our Practical and Written Examination System. Under this system, anyone who wants to do course has to submit a Min. 1 year work experience proof related to the course. Under this scheme, students will be required to pass both theory and practical exams, Only then the certificate will be awarded

For example, if someone has complete knowledge of computer and is doing such related work anywhere but he does not have any certificate, then in this case we will give him a certificate related to computer work.