Rural Urban Council of Skills & Vocational Studies

Rural Urban Council of Skills and Vocational Studies is an apex organization for generating employment through skill development awareness and awareness across the country. It advises and supports organizations to improve their triple bottom line – economic, environmental and social outputs and outcomes, through the production and application of advanced knowledge. RUCSVS provides unmatched holistic solutions for improving employability and competitiveness through a range of services. Consultancy, skill training for capacity building, job research, evaluation studies etc.

RUCSVS (Rural Urban Council of Skills and Vocational Studies) is a non-profit, innovative India based workforce development organization that introduces end to end solutions for youth and women. Addressing the issue of livelihood of these youth, RUCSVS is planning new strategies to support the transition pathway that will help these youths come out of poverty and move towards a safer future.

RUCSVS has a clear model of employable vocational training system which will incorporate new technologies and better pedagogical curriculum in the context of the emerging economy. The project is to target youth below poverty, in school, school dropouts, women, unemployed youth, migrant youth and youth from resettlement communities. The program will support the preparation of a job-oriented, job-oriented and employable workforce with a strong focus on skills. After the training the youth associated with the program will get job opportunities which will give them a chance to earn and live a decent standard of living. This will be possible with vocational training centres, industry professionals, Government of India initiatives to develop an integral part of learning, getting advance training, becoming employable, accessing jobs and earning and serving.

RUCSVS will have the responsibility of improving the skill and employability status of women, youth from backward urban or rural disadvantaged districts, by providing them demand driven contemporary skill training with job placement support to make them competitive in the job and entrepreneurship market and To be able to choose a job. RUCSVS will contribute in making the workforce employable by institutionalization of partnership between businesses, citizens, Centres. ndia.