Common Eligibility Test Syllabus, Exam, Result

Common Eligibility Test Information

Today we will talk about the three crore youth of the country who give the preliminary examinations of ASC, Railways and Banking to get employment every year. The government has scrapped the system of separate examinations for these three departments and has decided to replace them with the Common Eligibility Test. Employment is very important in the life of any person and crores of youth of India have grown up with the dream that one day they will be able to do a government job. But from today the way to get a government job will change completely and it will be easier than before. So today we will first talk about government jobs

No separate application
Now, crores of youth of India will not have to take separate preliminary examination to appear in the main examinations of SSC, Banking, Railways and Staff Selection Commission. Earlier these departments had to take the exam in three stages. Firstly there was a preliminary examination, then after the main examination and finally a candidate was selected through interview.

But now under the new system, separate examinations will not have to be given for these different government departments, instead a common eligibility test i.e. CET will be conducted for these three. Previously there were separate application forms and separate examination centers for each preliminary examination. But now this will not happen. Now the same exam, same exam center and same application form will work. The Central Government Cabinet has now abolished the already entangled system. In the Cabinet meeting, the formation of the National Recruitment Agency (NRA) to conduct the Common Eligibility Test has been approved.

Currently there are 20 recruitment agencies in the country that conduct different examinations for different government jobs, but now after the formation of NRA, pass the same exam for selection in the main examination of banking, railway and SSC from the year 2021. is. Preparation will be done under the Common Eligibility Test i.e. CET, preparations are also being made to conduct examinations of other departments.

Question papers in 12 languages
It will be beneficial that after passing the CET exam, the candidate can decide whether to take the banking main examination first or the railway and SSC main examination. The marks obtained in CET i.e. Marks will have a validity of three years i.e. if a youth wishes, on the basis of these numbers, he can take the examination of first year railway, second year banking and third year SSC. We are just explaining this to you for example. The order of taking these exams during the three years can be anything and it will depend on the wish of the candidate that he wants to take the main exam first.

CET is held 2 times a year
The National Recruitment Agency will now conduct CET 2 times in a year. There will be question papers with objective type questions in this exam. Till now, questions were asked in only 2 languages ​​in these exams and these languages ​​were usually Hindi and English only. But now students are given the option to solve the question paper in 12 languages. In future, these exams will be conducted in all 22 official languages ​​of India, i.e. candidates will soon be able to take these exams in their regional languages ​​as well.

The biggest benefit to the candidates will be that for the three preliminary exams, one has to apply, pay the same fee and once to appear in the exam i.e. it will save money and time and relieve stress from various exams.

Now understand this whole news in the form of questions and their easy answers-

The first question is that what is the Common Eligibility Test?

Actually, this is a preliminary examination to be conducted online for central government jobs, which has been named Common Eligibility Test.

The second question is, who can take these exams?

Students who have passed the graduation, 12th and 10th exam can participate in this examination to be done online. But because this exam will be held for different positions. Therefore, different question papers will be prepared according to the posts.

The third question is, which departments can get jobs through CET?

At present, this Common Eligibility Test will be conducted only for Staff Selection Commission i.e. SSC, Railways and Banking. But keep in mind that this is only the preliminary examination, after passing it, you will have to pass the main examinations of all these departments as well and the interview will also have to be cleared only when you will be able to get an appointment.

The fourth question is what is the benefit of the Common Eligibility Test?

Having the same examination for different recruits will save the candidates money. Earlier, for different examinations, candidates had to spend a lot of money to reach different forms, different exam fees and different exam centers. But now the money, time and energy of the candidates will be saved. The government will also not have to conduct separate examinations and this will also significantly reduce the government's expenditure.

Due to the common eligibility test, the recruitment process of the candidates will also be shortened, that is, there will not be a long wait for the results to sit in the main examination. This exam will be done in many languages, so that the candidate sitting in every corner of the country will get a chance to compete in the selection. Currently, it takes more than 18 months to recruit in these departments.

The score obtained in this examination can be used for the next three years. Before reaching the maximum age limit, the candidate can give this exam as many times as he wants. There is a plan to share this score with the central government, state government union territories and public sector companies as well.

This will also benefit women candidates a lot, as they will not have to take long journeys to reach the examination centers.

With this, the number of candidates participating in the examinations can also be reduced by 5 percent and the problem of students going to the examination center through trains and buses will reduce, you will have seen many pictures related to this

The fifth question is where will these examinations be held?

For this, the government has made one thousand examination centers. There will be an examination center in every district, apart from this, the government has also selected those 117 districts for this. Whom the government wants to develop with the aim of giving employment to the youth. CET examinations will be held at the examination centers of these districts and it will be fully computerized. Till now these examinations were conducted only in big districts. But now the youth of small districts of the country will also be able to participate in them.

And the last question is what will be the Curriculum course of these exams?

So the answer is that there will be only one course for CET. But according to different positions, the level of questions to be asked of the candidates will also be different i.e. after passing 10th, the candidate giving the CET will be asked easier questions than the candidate who has graduated.

Every year two and a half to three crore candidates take part in the preliminary examinations of SSC, Banking and Railways and these affect the future of crores of families in the country. So today we told you about this news before showing the news of politics and international diplomacy, because we believe that the biggest news is what affects you and your family.